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Congratz on 500k!!
Hope you get 1 million this year!!!!
Btw if  you see this I love you so much like a lot <3

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Anonymous asked: Lifesimmer has big boobs .

Yeah ik, but she’s so pretty <3

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Anonymous asked: Are u the real lifesimmer on YouTube?

Uhm no lol but people keep asking me if I am…..why??? :3

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"you’re too cute to be single!"

then date me

(via sniffing)

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If you’ve ever hated on someone just because you don’t ship them with someone, you can seriously get the fuck off of my blog because there is a 99% chance I hate you.

P.S. Calling someone a thirsty bitch just because they mentioned a ship is hating. CALLING CAT THIRSTY OR DESPERATE OR A BITCH JUST BECAUSE SHE JOKED AROUND ABOUT JATRIFIC IS HATING. AND IT ISN’T OKAY. SO SHUT UP.

(and yes I am tagging this with “Shoey” because it’s mostly Shoey shippers that do this)

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